Now available -- the recording of the 2022 AGRIS Virtual Annual Conference!

All those who wanted to but couldn't attend the AGRIS Virtual Annual Conference held on 7 July 2022 can now watch the recordings.
Session 1: What is new in AGRIS

In the first session, Imma Subirats introduced AGRIS and its composition, outlined the evolution of its content and its usage statistics before focusing on the latest developments, including the partnership with ICARDA, findings from the AGRIS data provider survey, new and upcoming publications and capacity development activities, both completed and planned.

Session 2: How to join the AGRIS Network and its benefits

In the second session, Valentina De Col and Hrijoy Bhattacharjee delved into the details of the AGRIS Network, including its evolution over the decades since the 1970s, its current composition in terms of the kinds of organizations comprising it, before moving on to describe the benefits of being part of the network and the process of joining it.

Session 3: AGRIS Country Hubs: what they are, their roles and responsibilities, and how to become one 

In the third session, Imma Subirats focused on a special category of data providers -- AGRIS Country Hubs. Formerly known as AGRIS National Centres, AGRIS Country hubs are data providers of long standing that act as national or regional focal points for AGRIS.