AGRIS Webinar: Thai AGRIS Centre moving toward knowledge base economy

As part of the 2020 Annual AGRIS Community Online Meetingorganized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Aree Thunkijjanukij, Kasetsart University, presented a webinar on 2 July 2020. 

This webinar focused on 'Thai AGRIS Centre moving toward knowledge base economy.' For more than 40 years Thai National AGRIS Centre, Kasetsart University has collaborated with the Information System for Agricultural Sciences and Technology (AGRIS) FAO to collect agricultural information, provide information services and promote agricultural information utilization. Thai AGRIS Database has been created in bilingual Thai and English bibliography. AGROVOC Thesaurus was translate in to Thai to facilitate information indexing and retrieval. 

Thai AGRIS Database within 225,000 bibliographic records and more than 33,000 eDocument is utilized as knowledge base for Thai Farmer Knowledge ServiceSystem.  This is a new service to increase knowledge for the new age farmers.