FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

International Seminar on Approaches and Methodologies for Private Food Grain Stock Measurement

09/11/2016-11/11/2016 New Delhi, India



Seminar Secretariat 

Sinha, Archana (FAOIN)


For technical matters

Mukesh Kumar Srivastava

Senior Statistician

Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific 

FAO, Bangkok

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is organizing this Seminar in collaboration with Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Government of India. The Seminar aims to bring together experts from several countries with advanced knowledge of systems and methodologies for measurement of private food grain stocks to share their experiences. It is expected to take stock of up-to-date academic and empirical research on private food grain stock measurement.

Holding of this Seminar in India will provide an opportunity to Indian experts to learn from the experiences of advanced countries in the region and beyond, and evaluate the best practices for adoption or development of suitable methodologies for assessment of private food grain stocks for the four AMIS commodities – wheat, rice, maize and soybeans in India.

The seminar is being organized as part of project Strengthening Market Information System, funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation BMGF, which is being implemented by FAO in Bangladesh, India and Nigeria.

The topics to be covered in the Seminar can be referred in the Concept Note. Further information will be uploaded on this site.

Seminar participation is by invitation. Experts interested in the topics relevant to Seminar are encouraged to contact the Secretariat with an abstract of their proposal for technical contribution.

Meeting Documents

  1. Concept Note
  2. Information Note
  3. Provisional Timetable


  1. Economic considerations in food grain stocking policy
  2. Food Grain Stocking Pattern in India and the Information Gap
  3. Indian Food Grain Stock Estimation: Issues and Challenges
  4. Regulatory Structure for Warehousing in India: Role of Warehousing Development and Regulatory Authority
  5. Information Systems for Grain Storage in Brzail
  6. Methodological Guidelines for Implementing Grain Stock Surveys
  7. Survey Methodology on Household Grain Stock in China
  8. Experiences to measure storage in Mexico
  9. Technical Report of the Estimate of Private Food Grain Stock in Sri Lanka
  10. Estimation of Private Stock of Food Grain - Bangladesh Perspective
  11. Statistics of Food Grain Stocks in Ukraine
  12. Rice and Corn Stocks in the Philippines
  13. Estimation of Private Food Grain Stock: Methodology for Assessing Private Food Grain Stock
  14. Rice Stock Measurement: The Indonesian Experience Conducting Rice Stock Surveys
  15. Empirics of Soybeans Stocks in India: Trade Perspective
  16. Recent Initiations on Establishment of Database on Marketing Infrastructure and Stocking Capacity
  17. Household Food Stock in Food Security Monitoring: Experience from Nepal
  18. Methodologies for Gathering Information on Private Food Grain Stock: Thailand Experience
  19. Experience to collect information on rice stock in Viet Nam
  20. Indirect Estimation of Stocks from Price Data
  21. Using Financial Transactions to Measure Commodity Stocks in the Eco System
  22. Rapporteurs Report

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