Building the #ZeroHunger Generation

Bilasan from Syria here!

Being a ten-year old girl during a war is not easy. We’ve been living in danger for the past 8 years; that’s almost my whole life! So many innocent lives are lost every day and millions of people suffer from hunger and malnutrition, which can have serious, long-term effects on children’s growth and future development. With the support of the European Union, a team from FAO is in fact teaching children in primary schools in my country about the importance of nutrition, and helping us to grow fruit and vegetables. With additional help from UNICEF and WFP’s school meals programme, the project is currently running in 17 schools, and will soon be rolled out to another 35 schools around Syria, including dangerous areas like Aleppo. Thousands of children like me will benefit from the project. I learned about the food pyramid, vitamins and a healthy diet, and I now know a lot about cabbages, peppers, tomatoes and other food. We even have an edible playground! It’s like an outdoor classroom where we learn how to preserve the Earth’s natural resources, by using water tanks, for example, and a drip irrigation system that minimizes evaporation and saves nutrients.

Does that sound complicated? Well, my mum says I’m an expert because I planted strawberries at home, but I promise you, it’s not difficult at all!