Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

16 October 2023

World Food Day

Promo video

Water is essential to life on Earth and the foundation of our food. Together, our actions can help create a water and food secure world for everyone, leaving no one behind. Watch and share the World Food Day promotional video and join the call for action!


Children's Animation 

There is no food without water. What we eat and how it is produced impacts our health and the planet. Although water is vital for life, not everyone can enjoy it. Learn how you can take #WaterAction and become a food hero.  

Check out our Youth page for new youth content and activities. 



The World Food Day 2023 brochure provides a brief overview of FAO’s work with countries and other partners to help manage water wisely as the availability of this precious resource is threatened by rapid population growth, urbanization, economic development, and climate change. Governments, the private sector, individuals and other sectors can also find out how they can help FAO in this endeavour.


Get involved!  

From food tasting or cooking demonstrations to music performances, roundtables or simply spreading the word, you can take part in World Food Day. Use our free material below and be creative! Find out more how you can promote #WorldFoodDay by reading our Get Involved guide.


Visual identity

Download posters, virtual backgrounds, gadgets, web and event banners, and so much more from the World Food Day Asset Bank. Use the visual as much as possible across your activities to add to the global buzz!

Read our Visual identity guidelines on how to use the visual. 


Children’s Activity Books

Read our two new activity books for youth, inspiring them to learn how to play an active role in building a sustainable world. "Water is life, water is food" explores the ways this precious natural resource is important for food and for all of nature. This is an ideal learning exercise to prepare young minds for the Poster Contest.

Embark on an inspiring adventure to a coastal fishing community in the book "Climate action. Maria's story," where children can discover practical ways to make a difference in our changing climate.


Spread the word!

Inform, educate and engage audiences with real facts. Join the #WorldFoodDay campaign by sharing our free material on digital channels and raise awareness about the need to create more sustainable, resilient and inclusive agrifood systems. You can do so by sharing your appreciation for #FoodHeroes– all those who work throughout agrifood and aquatic food systems. We also want to hear how you are taking water action to become a food hero!

Trello board

Radio PSA

Download and share the World Food Day radio PSA, available in several languages.