Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

16 October 2021

World Food Day

Meet the friends of World Food Day

Each year, we collaborate with even more organizations, companies and personalities to make World Food Day the global campaign that it is. World Food Day friends support us by offering their platforms to raise awareness about important world issues. Reaching a wide global audience is key to supporting efforts to end hunger and encouraging the public to choose a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

  • Renfe



Influencers across the globe are using their platform to raise awareness and create a buzz around World Food Day!

Thomas Pesquet
Bela Girl
Chef Alfredo Oropeza
Chef Rodrigo Pacheco

The friends of World Food Day make huge efforts to spread our message. You can also join the #WorldFoodDay conversation on social media by sharing our free material and posting about actions you commit to take for healthy diets and a more sustainable world.

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