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NFMS assessment tool

Transparent and accessible forest-related data play a crucial role in facilitating improved forest monitoring activities, increasing knowledge sharing and, ultimately, strengthening sustainability in the forestry sector.

In line with the enhanced transparency framework (ETF) outlined in the Paris Agreement, the project "Building global capacity to increase transparency in the forest sector (CBIT-Forest)" aims to enhance the institutional and technical capacities of developing countries – assisting them in collecting, analyzing and disseminating forest-related data. The “Towards open and transparent forest data for climate action: experiences and lessons learned” publication provides more information.

Under the CBIT-Forest project, FAO has developed the National Forest Monitoring System (NFMS) assessment tool to identify needs and gaps and help establish or strengthen countries’ forest monitoring systems. The Excel-based tool embraces good practice guidance and examples, as it fosters dialogue engagement among the key stakeholders, facilitates the identification of where these systems are deficient, and allows governments and other relevant stakeholders to assess their NFMS capacities.

The CBIT-Forest project also developed a Quick Guidance to make the NFMS tool more accessible. The Guidance helps new users through the five-step approach of the assessment process, incorporating images of each step. The NFMS tool is available in multiple languages and accessible through the e-learning course on “Forests and transparency under the Paris Agreement”.

Together with the Quick Guidance, the NFMS tool is designed to increase the transparency of forest information and the exchange of lessons learned, empowering countries to fight climate change and meet climate and sustainable development goals.

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