FAO Capacity Development

Good practices

Knowledge sharing and capitalization of good practices have a key role in ending hunger and achieving food security for all. Considerable knowledge is continuously gained by FAO and its partners through all their experiences, projects and programmes. If practices are systematically analysed, documented and shared, relevant actors can adapt what works well and understand why. Thus, they can replicate and scale-up identified good practices in order to inform policies and implement programs effectively. By engaging in this continuous capitalization process, FAO and its partners are strengthening their capacities for better results and impact.

What is a good practice? A good practice is a successful experience that has been tested and replicated in different contexts and can therefore be recommended as a model. It deserves to be shared, so that a great number of people can adapt and adopt it.

A step-by-step methodology is available to document good practices. (See the practical tool “How to capture and share good practices”). To learn more, you can access the e-learning course on Experience capitalization.

Documenting good practices has already proven to be fruitful in several programmes:




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