Reducing inequalities for food security and nutrition

Cover HLPE-FSN 18
Inequalities in food security and nutrition (FSN), between countries and regions and within countries, communities and households, exist throughout the world, exacerbating already alarming conditions of hunger and malnutrition.

This report provides a conceptual framework for assessing inequalities in FSN, the inequalities within and outside food systems that underpin them, and the systemic drivers of such inequalities. The report highlights the ethical, socioeconomic, legal and practical imperatives for addressing these inequalities.

It emphasizes that food is a fundamental human right and that inequalities in FSN undermine this right, as well as social and political stability. In addition, by applying an intersectional understanding of inequalities – that is, considering the cumulative effects of multiple interacting inequalities on marginalized peoples – the report contributes to a more inclusive understanding and sustainable action to reduce FSN inequalities. The report proposes a set of measures to reduce inequalities, both within and beyond food systems. It emphasizes the need for a transformative agenda, aiming for structural change towards equity.

By providing actionable recommendations addressing the systemic drivers of FSN and advocating for actions in favour of equity and equality, the report contributes to global efforts towards achieving food security and improving overall well-being, leaving no one behind.

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