Climate Smart Agriculture Sourcebook

Social protection and decent rural employment for CSA

Enabling Frameworks


Coordinating lead authors: Jeongha Kim (FAO), Corina Lefter (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Romania), Ana Ocampo (FAO), Federico Spano (FAO).

Contributing authors: Natalia WinderRossi (FAO), Peter Wobst (FAO), Elena Arnal Alcobendas (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, France), Camila Munoz Jimenez (FAO).

Reviewers: Solomon Asfaw (FAO), Cecilia Costella (Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Center)

Notes: The module is an update of Module 16 Making Climate-Smart Agriculture a work for the most vulnerable: the role of Safety nets in the Climate-Smart Agriculture Sourcebook (2013) written by Carlo Scaramella (WFP) and Catherine Zanev (WFP) with contributions from Ugo Gentilini (WFP) and was reviewed by Niels Balzer (WFP), Volli Carucci (WFP), Alexandra Guyetsky (FAO), Nyasha Tirivayi (FAO) and Tamara van‘t Wout (FAO).