Committee on Agriculture (COAG)

The Committee on Agriculture (COAG) is one of FAO’s Governing Bodies providing overall policy and regulatory guidance on issues relating to agriculture, livestock, food safety, nutrition, rural development and natural resource management.Established in 1971, the Committee has over 130 Member Nations and generally meets every two years, but may hold additional sessions if needed. [+]


The 28th Session of COAG will take place from 18th to 22nd July 2022 [Agenda].

Substantive Items



One Health

Antimicrobial Resistance


Agrifood systems

Food Safety

UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

Agriculture and forestry linkages

Climate Change

Agricultural Plastics

UN Decade on Family Farming

Global Soil Partnership

Land and Water Resources

Agricultural innovation


The discussion documents can be accessed here.

Discussions will also cover:

  • FAO's Programme of Work in the Agrifood Sectors under the FAO Strategic Framework 2022-31.
  • The future of food and agriculture – Drivers and triggers for transformation.
  • Promoting more coherent and integrated Agricultural Innovation Systems (AIS) by strengthening national agricultural research and extension systems.
  • Implementation of the recommendations of the 27th Session of the Committee.
  • Multi-Year Programme of Work of the Committee.
  • Proposal for an International Day of Potato.