Committee on Agriculture (COAG)

About COAG’s Sub-Committee on Livestock

The Committee on Agriculture (COAG) established the Sub-Committee on Livestock (Sub-Committee) in October 2020, in its 27th session with a mandate to discuss and build consensus on livestock issues and priorities, and advise COAG, and through it, the FAO Council and the FAO Conference, on technical and policy programmes and activities needed to optimize the contribution of livestock, including in poverty alleviation, food security and nutrition, sustainable livelihoods and the realization of the 2030 Agenda.

“Livestock” refers to all terrestrial animals used for food and agriculture. 

As FAO’s only dedicated technical advisory committee on livestock, the Sub-Committee is responsible for:

  • identify and discuss major trends and issues in the global livestock sector, and advise and make recommendations to the Committee on these matters;
  • advise on the preparation of technical reviews and of issues and trends of international significance;
  • advise on the liaison with other relevant bodies and organizations with a view to promoting harmonization and endorsing policies and actions, as appropriate;
  • advise on mechanisms to prepare, facilitate and implement action programmes, as well as on the expected contribution of partners;
  • advise on the strengthening of international collaboration to assist developing countries in the implementation of good practices and guidance to support sustainable livestock sector development;
  • collaborate with existing partnerships and establish communication channels with multiple stakeholders, as guided by the Committee;
  • monitor the progress made in implementing the Committee's programme of work on livestock-related issues, as well as any other matters referred to the Sub-Committee by the Committee;
  • prepare a multi-year programme for its work for consideration and approval by the Committee; and
  • report to the Committee on its activities

Sessions will be held every two years prior to the COAG sessions with timing that enables the Committee to take into consideration the report of the Sub-Committee. Operating in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish, the membership of the Sub-Committee is open to all COAG Member Nations. It also welcomes applications for participation as observers from civil society and other organizations.