Data protection and privacy notice

1. Introduction

FAO is committed to treat your personal data fairly, with integrity, responsibility, security, and transparency. FAO collects and processes personal data in accordance with its internal rules and procedures on the protection of data, to the exclusion of any single national system of law. 

This Data Protection and Privacy Notice describes what personal information we may collect and process, the reason for processing, how we use, process and ensure protection of all data provided. It also sets out the options for you to request access, correction, deletion and to object to your data being processed by FAO.

2. Scope of processing activities

This Data Protection and Privacy Notice applies to the:

a. web-users visiting FAO websites (within the “” domain name, or any other domain officially owned by FAO) and other online services including FAO social media pages
b. participants registering for, and attending, FAO events including virtual events
c. personnel and guests entering FAO premises (HQ and decentralized offices)
d. subscribers to FAO newsletters
e.  users accessing FAO Knowledge Repository
f. users accessing FAO databases, systems, blogs, forum and other similar tools
g. competitors responding to FAO’s contests.

In addition to being governed by the FAO Terms and Conditions, individual platforms or tools on FAO’s website may have additional dedicated terms of use. In case of conflict, the present Data Protection and Policy Notice shall apply. For processing activities using FAO apps, please refer to the FAO Privacy Policy for the use of FAO Apps.

If you visit FAO’s website, you may notice links that may direct you to websites and online platforms managed by third parties. The processing of personal data on the third parties’ platforms, including the social media platforms that host FAO’s social media pages, are governed by their own privacy policies.

3. What data do we collect and process?

As reflected in the Terms and Conditions on FAO’s website, except for authorized investigations and to maintain required correspondence files, no other attempts are made to identify individual users or their usage habits. Raw data logs are used to determine the number of users and, occasionally, which general domains are accessing the FAO website. When you visit the FAO website, FAO uses third parties’ platforms that collect anonymous information about users’ browsing behaviour when users visit the website, through the use of cookies. By using the FAO website, users agree that FAO can place cookies on users’ computer, mobile phone or handheld devices.

There may be specific platforms, apps, tools or activities where FAO asks you to provide personal identifiable information (for example, amongst others, full name, date of birth, email and/or postal address, phone number, position/title, company/organisation). This would be for the following processing activities:

  1. Contacting FAO through FAO website, emails, and other means.
  2. Subscribing FAO newsletters.
  3. Registering to participate in FAO events.
  4. Downloading FAO apps (see Privacy Policy for the use of FAO application).
  5. Registering to access FAO databases, blogs, forum.
4. Why do we collect your data?

FAO will only collect and process your personal data for the purpose of FAO activities undertaken within the context of its mandate and in line with its legal framework. So, we may collect your personal data for one or more of the following purposes:

  • To allow you to contact us and/or receive information from us;
  • To organise or promote FAO events and/or activities;
  • To allow you to register to participate in events we organise or co-organise;
  • To analyse web statistics and log files, with the aim of improving the functioning of our website;
  • To give you access to FAO apps or other platforms;
  • To send you FAO newsletters.
5. Who has access to your personal data and to whom is it disclosed?

Any information provided to FAO by users is managed with utmost care and security. It is not used in any manner other than that set out in this Data Protection and Privacy Notice, or in any additional site-specific policies, without users' consent. All FAO employees who have access to, or are associated with, the processing of personal data are under strict obligations of confidentiality in respect of official business matters, including when processing personal data.

Depending on the purpose for which we process your personal data, we may share the necessary information with selected third parties (duly authorized partners or service providers) to perform services for FAO. We make every effort to ensure that those third parties afford a level of protection and safeguards that are the same as or comparable to FAO.

6. How long do we keep your data?

Your personal data will be kept by FAO and its authorized partners and service providers only for as long as necessary for purposes set out in this Notice in accordance with FAO rules.

7. How do we ensure the safeguards of your data?

To prevent unauthorized access, use or disclosure, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of data, FAO applies adequate security measures and appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we process. These measures and procedures are consistent with FAO’s rules, policies and practice, which are aligned with international standards and practices.

8. Requests related to your data

In accordance with FAO internal rules and procedures on data protection, you may make the following requests with regard to your data:

a. Access. You may request confirmation of whether your data is being processed and, if that is the case, request access to your data.
b. Correction. You may request correction or updating of your data.
c. Deletion. You may request deletion of your data. Requests for deletion will be considered, taking into account whether (i) the data is no longer necessary for the processing purpose, or (ii) you have withdrawn your consent to the data processing and there is no other legitimate basis for processing.
d. Objection. If you have been asked, but not yet provided your data, you may object to having your data processed. In this case, you should provide compelling legitimate grounds for your objection. 

9. Contact us

If you wish to request for access, correction, deletion, or to object to the use of your personal data, please contact us at [email protected] 

If you have concerns or require more information regarding the personal data you have provided to us, please contact us at [email protected]

10. Changes to data protection and privacy notice

FAO may, at its own discretion, update this Data Protection and Privacy Notice, to reflect changes in our rules and practices.

11. Privileges and Immunities and applicable law

Nothing in this Data Protection and Privacy Notice shall be construed as constituting a waiver of the privileges or immunities of FAO, nor as its acceptance of the jurisdiction of the courts of any country over disputes arising out of this Notice. FAO’s processing of personal data is not governed by any national or regional system of law.