Country Leaflet

SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
TCP/AZE/3804/C3 TCPF: Support the formulation of the Project proposals for EU and TCP 2022 202380,000$
TCP/AZE/3901/C1 TCPF: Strengthen capacities and information base for the management of key forest pests and diseases 2022 202375,000$
TCP/AZE/3801 Improved water governance: towards sustainable agricultural development 2021 2023300,000$
TCP/AZE/3802/C1 TCPF: Integrating pollinators into Sustainable Forest Management Plans 2021 202350,000$
TCP/AZE/3803/C2 TCPF: SSC Capacity Building on SDG Indicators and Digital Agri Census 2021 202355,000$
TCP/AZE/3805 Rural Finance Framework: supporting Agrarian Credit and Development (ACDA) Agency credit operations 2021 2023320,000$
SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
UTF /AZE/021/AZE Improvement of Seed and Agro-Chemical Lab and Certification Services under Agrarian Services Agency 2022 20251,800,000$
UTF /AZE/017/AZE Support for Structural Reform and Strategic Development of Agrarian Services Agency 2022 2024700,000$
UTF /AZE/016/AZE Catalysing the Efficiency and Sustainability of Azerbaijan?s Hazelnut Sector - HAZER 2020 20231,300,000$
UTF /AZE/015/AZE Improved food security and rural livelihoods through women´s economic empowerment (WEP) 2020 2022800,000$
UTF /AZE/001/AZE Project Preparation and Visibility Project for FAO Azerbaijan Partnership Program 2018 2023605,295$
UTF /AZE/009/AZE Development and application of sustainable sheep production and food value chains 2018 20231,300,000$
UTF /AZE/010/AZE Improvement of Cattle Production through Establishment of Effective Cattle Breeding and Feeding Syst 2018 20221,300,000$
UTF /AZE/011/AZE Establishment of Disease-free National Seed Potato Production System in Azerbaijan 2018 20221,250,000$
GCP /AZE/004/GFF Strengthening network of protected areas through advanced governance and management (FSP) 2021 20262,639,726$
GCP /AZE/014/EC Development of sustainable and inclusive local food systems in north-west region of Azerbaijan 2019 20221,320,132$
GCP /AZE/018/EC Strengthening of agricultural advisory services 2019 20221,777,778$
GCP /AZE/007P/GFF Forest Resources Assessment and Monitoring to Strengthen Forestry Policy and Knowledge Framework (PPG) 2017 202250,000$