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Country Leaflet

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SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
TCP/CUB/3901 Apoyo al Impulso de la Economía y el Enfrentamiento a la Crisis Mundial. 2023 2024235,000$
SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
GCP /CUB/028/GFF Mainstreaming biodiversity into mountain agricultural and pastoral landscapes of relevant ecosystems (FSP) 2023 20284,662,785$
GCP /CUB/030/GFF Improving the management and protection of the marine habitat in the Gulf of Guacanayabo (FSP) 2023 20261,319,863$
GCP /CUB/031/GCR Preparación marcos estratégicos para guiar la inversión del FVC en el sector forestal y otros usos d 2023 2025483,871$
GCP /CUB/11253P/GFF Blue and green development in food and urban sectors of Cuba (PPG) 2023 2024200,000$
GCP /CUB/027/EC Modelos pilotos, horizontales y sostenibles, de gestión del conocimiento y transferencia de tecnologia en agroecologia 2021 20252,738,225$
GCP /CUB/021/GCF Increased climate resilience of rural households and communities through productive landscape restoration in selected localities of the Republic of Cuba (IRES-Cuba) 2020 202738,206,791$
GCP /CUB/020/CBT Enhancing Cuba`s capacities for enhanced transparency under the Paris Agreement (MSP) (FSP) 2020 2024863,242$
GCP /CUB/017/GFF Introduction of new farming methods for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, including plant and animal genetic resources, in production landscapes in selected areas of Cuba (FSP) 2019 20262,973,289$
GCP /CUB/024/EC Apoyo estratégico a la seguridad alimentaria sostenible en Cuba 2019 20256,428,571$