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SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
TCP/PHI/3905 Strengthening the youth`s participation in agriculture towards achieving food and nutrition 2022 2024200,000$
TCP/PHI/3802/C2 TCPF: Support to ICT-based Marine Spatial Planning for Fisheries and Aquaculture Management 2022 202399,000$
TCP/PHI/3806 Technical Assistance for Developing a Digital Mapping System of the Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) 2022 2023140,000$
TCP/PHI/3808/C5 TCPF: Technical Capacity Support to the Agri-Industrial Business Corridors 2022 2023100,000$
TCP/PHI/3809/C6 TCPF: Establishment of a central database on Agricultural Commodities 2022 202355,000$
TCP/PHI/3901/C1 TCPF: Technical support to develop Livestock and Poultry Traders and Transport Registry system 2022 2023100,000$
TCP/PHI/3902/C2 TCPF: Strengthening of Agricultural Statistics through the Review and Assessment of the Agricultural Indicators System (AIS) and Supply Utilization Accounts (SUA) 2022 202352,000$
TCP/PHI/3903 Development of Halal Agricultural Production Systems in Mindanao, Philippines, Phase II of TCP/PHI/3702 2022 202390,000$
TCP/PHI/3904 Technical support for the establishment of an Agricultural Economic Zone (AEZ) in Lanao del Sur, Phase II of TCP/PHI/3706 2022 2023116,000$
TCP/PHI/3804/C4 TCPF: Strengthening the enabling environments to address malnutrition and hunger in support of the development for a National Food Policy 2021 2023100,000$
TCP/PHI/3805 Support to enhancing farm tourism in the Philippines for inclusive rural development 2021 2023206,000$
TCP/PHI/3807 Enhancing capacities for inclusive disaster risk reduction and management towards adaptive and shock-responsive social protection amid COVID-19 2021 2023300,000$
TCP/PHI/3801/C1 TCPF: Support on Developing Agriculture Component of Philippine Nationally Determined Contribution 2020 202260,000$
SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
OSRO/PHI/203/JPN The Project for Restoring Livelihoods and Enhancing Resilience of Farmers and Fisherfolk Affected by Typhoon 2022 20242,000,000$
OSRO/PHI/202/BEL Emergency assistance in restoring food security and agriculture-based livelihoods in Typhoon Rai affected areas in Region VIII 2022 2023500,000$
OSRO/PHI/100/CHA Rural livelihoods protection through anticipatory action along the eastern seaboard 2021 20230$
GCP /PHI/068/IFA Enhancing Results-based Monitoring and Evaluation Through Innovative ICT Solutions: Linking Upland Farmers to Market and Improving Municipal Waters Governance 2019 2022499,999$
OSRO/PHI/802/NZE Support to more durable peace and development in North Cotabato and Maguindanao provinces 2018 20232,667,229$
GCP /PHI/065/GFF Enhancing biodiversity, maintaining ecosystem flows, enhancing carbon stocks through sustainable land management and the restoration of degraded forestlands (FSP) 2021 20252,639,726$
GCP /PHI/903/GFF Sustainable Management of Natural Resources of the Key Biodiversity Area along Bataan Province to Manila Bay (PPG) 2021 2022100,000$
GCP /PHI/069/ROK Support to Agriculture and Agribusiness Enterprises in Mindanao for Sustainable Development 2019 20235,800,000$
GCP /PHI/062/GFF Dynamic Conservation and Sustainable Use of Agricultural Biodiversity to ensure Food Security and Ecosystems Services and Resiliency (FSP) 2016 20222,182,631$
UNJP/PHI/075/FPA Resilient Livelihoods Development for Women and Youth IDPs in Maguindanao 2022 2024706,709$
UNJP/PHI/074/UNJ Conflict Transformation in areas affected by armed conflict in BARMM through area-based community driven development 2022 2023198,003$
UNJP/PHI/076/UNJ Monitoring the Food, Energy, Finance Crisis towards Informed Policy and Response Options in the Philippines 2022 202375,000$
UNJP/PHI/073/CEF Scaling Up the Joint Programme on risk-informed shock-responsive social protection in BARMM amid COVID-19 2021 2023651,712$
UNJP/PHI/070/UNJ Ensuring inclusive risk-informed shock-responsive SP resulting in more resilient BARMM communities 2020 2022966,390$