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TCP/EGY/3809/C5 Support production of cocoon/silk yarn in the New Valley Governorate (Elkharga & Edlakha) to promote youth and women economic empowerment. 2022 2023100,000$
TCP/EGY/3808/C4 Support to Agri-food sector in Egypt to engage in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change - Conference of Parties 27 (UNFCCC-COP27) 2022 2022100,000$
TCP/EGY/3805 Improving Productivity and Reducing Poverty of Small Scale Milk and Dairy Producers in Rural Villages in Behira and Menya 2021 2023200,000$
TCP/EGY/3807 Propagation and Promotion of Local Seeds and Hybrids in Egypt 2021 2023200,000$
TCP/EGY/3804 Building Capacity of MOSS support beneficiaries in the targeted Governorates through stimulating Agriculture and the Agro-Food Value Chain 2020 2022208,000$
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OSRO/EGY/102/CAN Improved Livelihoods, Nutrition and Empowerment of Rural Women & their Families affected by COVID-19 crisis in Minya Governorate 2021 20222,174,100$
OSRO/EGY/100/USA Global Health Security Program (GHSP) for enhancing prevention, detection and response to emerging, re-emerging and endemic zoonoses and AMR threats in Egypt 2020 20221,450,000$
UTF /EGY/035/EGY Enhancing Crop and Livestock Production and Productivity in New Lands in Egypt Through the Adoption 2021 20231,699,999$
GCP /EGY/030/GFF Sustainable Management of Kharga Oasis Agro-Ecosystems in the Egyptian Western Desert (MSP) 2019 20231,045,890$