Country Leaflet

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TCP/SOM/3804 Scoping Study on Design of Productive Safety Nets Models, and Livelihood Insurance in Somalia 2021 20230$
TCP/SOM/3802 Strengthening the capacity and engagement of young Somali professionals in agriculture and food security for national resilience-building 2020 20220$
TCP/SOM/3803 Institutional and systems strengthening in nutrition sensitive food systems through policy and coordination support 2020 20220$
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OSRO/SOM/131/GER Impact Evaluation: UN Joint Action for Building Resilience in Somalia 2021 20240$
OSRO/SOM/013/GER UN Joint Action for Building Resilience in Somalia 2021 20230$
UNJP/SOM/065/PBF Promoting Inclusive Action in Peacebuilding (PIAP Initiative) 2021 20230$
OSRO/SOM/102/SWE Emergency Livelihood Support for improved food production and livelihood asset protection 2021 20220$
OSRO/SOM/104/JPN Maritime security and youth empowerment in Somali fisheries 2021 20220$
OSRO/SOM/105/USA Support to the Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit (FSNAU) 2021 20220$
OSRO/SOM/106/USA Improved food security and livelihood recovery in Somalia 2021 20220$
OSRO/SOM/116/UK Sustainable Flood Management and Risk Reduction Action 2021 20220$
OSRO/SOM/117/WFP Implementation of Supporting Resilient Smallholder Farming Systems in Somalia. 2021 20220$
OSRO/SOM/129/QAT Climate-resilient and Shock-informed Anticipatory Action in Somalia  2021 20220$
OSRO/SOM/130/USA Enhancing Food Security, Livelihoods and Nutrition Outcomes in Somalia 2021 20220$
OSRO/SOM/132/UK Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit for Somalia (FSNAU) -FCDO 2021 20220$
OSRO/SOM/133/CHA Emergency life- saving support to Pastoral and Agro-pastoral households at risk of drought. 2021 20220$
OSRO/SOM/006/EC Resilient Fisheries and Livestock Value Chain for Inclusive and Sustainable growth in Somalia (RAAISE) 2020 20240$
OSRO/SOM/003/ITA Hirshabelle Resilient Riverine Agriculture Project (HRRAP) 2020 20230$
OSRO/SOM/819/EC Resilient, Inclusive and Competitive Agriculture Value Chain Development in Southern and Central Regions of Somalia 2019 20220$
OSRO/SOM/911/SWE Supporting Resilient Smallholder Farming systems in Somalia 2019 20220$
OSRO/SOM/912/SWI Somali Information & Resilience Building Action (SIRA) - 2 2019 20220$
OSRO/SOM/816/ITA Programme for Somalia Water and Land Information Management (SWALIM) - Phase VI 2018 20220$
OSRO/SOM/818/SWE Building Resilience In Middle Shabelle (BRIMS) 2018 20220$
UTF /SOM/062/SOM Somalia Crisis Response Project (SCRP) 2020 20220$
GCP /SOM/061/EC Down 2 Earth 2020 20240$
UNJP/SOM/063/UNJ Somalia Productive Sectors Development Programme 2020 20220$
UNJP/SOM/057/UNJ Sustainable Charcoal Reduction and Alternative Livelihoods (PROSCAL) ITA/SWE 2017 20220$