Country Leaflet

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TCP/BOT/3901 Supporting the attainment of food security through the reduction of post-harvest losses in horticultural crops 2022 2023179,000$
TCP/BOT/3902 Formulation of a Value Chain Development Strategy for Livestock Marketing Co-operative Societies in Botswana 2022 2023123,000$
TCP/BOT/3903 Development of the National Food and Nutrition Policy 2022 2023128,000$
TCP/BOT/3904 Develop quality management systems and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) for priority value chains 2022 2023128,000$
TCP/BOT/3806/C6 TCPF: Technical support to access the Green Climate Fund for Botswana`s green resilient recovery efforts in the context of COVID-19 2021 202347,000$
TCP/BOT/3803/C3 Support for Capacity Building for Horticulture Farmers in Botswana 2020 202398,000$
СимволНазваниеотнаОбщий бюджет
UTF /BOT/012/BOT Technical Support for Land Degradation Assessment, Monitoring and Development of Restoration Strateg 2019 20231,000,000$
GCP /BOT/012/GFF Botswana Sustainable Miombo-Mopane Landscape Management Project (FSP) 2021 20275,354,587$
GCP /BOT/015/GCR Resilient Recovery Rapid Readiness Support in Botswana 2021 2023275,440$