Country Leaflet

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TCP/ERI/3903 Technical support for the implementation of the Farmers Field School/Agro-pastoralist Field School in Eritrea 2023 2024316,000$
TCP/ERI/3901 Supporting the implementation of FAO Hand in Hand Initiative in Eritrea for Sustainable and Inclusive Food and Agriculture Systems in selected intervention areas 2022 2024366,000$
TCP/ERI/3902 Technical Assistance to support the Date palm expansion Programme in Eritrea 2022 2024222,000$
TCP/ERI/3802 Support to the preparatory phase of the Agricultural Census of Eritrea and initiation of a permanent agricultural statistics system 2021 2023500,000$
TCP/ERI/3803 Technical Assistance for strengthening fisheries research, development and management capabilities 2021 2023400,000$
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GCP /ERI/020/IFA Technical Capacity Support and development to the Government of the State for Eritrea for the impleme 2022 2023249,980$