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TCP/MAR/3902/C1 TCPF: Optimizing planted forest and tree resources for targeted production, CC mitigation and livelihoods in the Republic of Mauritius 2023 2023100,000$
TCP/MAR/3803 Technical emergency support on FMD surveillance and control in Mauritius 2022 2023400,000$
TCP/MAR/3804 Transformation of the tea sector 2022 2023375,000$
TCP/MAR/3801 Support to the development of a policy and strategic plan for the fisheries sector in Mauritius 2021 2023261,000$
TCP/MAR/3802 Technical Support for the setting up of a central database for livestock to render the sector resilient to the effects of climate change and enhance animal production in the Republic of Mauritius 2021 2023300,000$
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