Domestic Animal Diversity Information System (DAD-IS)

The Cow’s Ball - tribute to the alpine dairy farming

The Cow`s ball in Bohinj is a special event with a very long tradition and celebrate the end of the grazing season. Around the 1950s this event also became a celebration for wider public and today, nearly 10 000 visitors including tourist visit the fair. It’s one of the most recognized tourist event in Slovenia and has been mentioned in the two world’s greatest travel guides (Frommer's 300 Unmissable Events and Festivals Around the World and Lonely planet A Year of Festivals). The main goal is to introduce the life and work on the mountain pastures and to greet the livestock and herdsmen. The programme of the festival is diverse and Slovenian autochthonous breed Cika cattle, herdsmen and Alpine dairymaids are in the spot of the festival.
During the Covid-19 outbreak in spring 2020, the event was organized virtually. The Bohinj Tourist Association prepared the documentary film, which is available at the link:

photo: archive TD Bohinj