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    The DataLab for the Hand-in-Hand initiative

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    The Hand-in-Hand Initiative aims to:

    • Increase the quantity, quality, diversity and accessibility of nutritious foods available in food markets located in countries where national capacities and international support are limited, and/or in countries facing humanitarian crises;
    • Identify opportunities to raise incomes and reduce the rural people’s vulnerabilities.

    In order to facilitate the attainment of such objectives, the Data Lab:

    • Conducts agricultural production data collection by means of artificial intelligence in contexts where little data are available, typically in the HiH priority countries and at a sub-national level (different types of administrative divisions);
    • Implements a text-mining system that is able to assess the solutions applied to various food commodities through different countries (e.g. providing farmers with digital technologies to improve wheat yield).

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    DataLab products resulting from this collaboration:

    Ag productionAgricultural production data at a sub-national level: the Data Lab collects agricultural production data by means of artificial intelligence and text-mining in contexts where little data are available. Such data are then summed up in order to create an overview of the national level, and validated against the information contained in FAOSTAT. This process allows the Data Lab to fill data gaps for the countries that are part of the HiH initiative. Once all the checks are passed (i.e. once the scraped data are found coherent with the "Official sources"), the data are updated on the HiH-GIS platform.