Revolutionizing Uzbekistan's wheat landscape with renewable energy

20/11/2023 Uzbekistan
Agriculture is a key driver of Uzbekistan's economic growth, accounting for almost 30 percent of the country's GDP and employing a quarter of the workforce. To strengthen this sector, Uzbekistan has implemented an agricultural policy focused on enhancing resource efficiency, [...]

Cleaner energy, safer food: the bioenergy potential in Rwanda

31/10/2023 Rwanda
Universal access to clean and reliable energy services is a critical aspect of sustainable development and food security, but it remains a significant challenge in Rwanda, where the predominant reliance on traditional biomass sources, poses serious health and environmental risks. The [...]

CFS 51 side event: Promoting energy access to safeguard food security and nutrition gains within agrifood systems and beyond

Energy is essential for food security and development. Lack of access to energy in many developing countries is a fundamental barrier to reducing hunger and ensuring that the world can produce enough food to meet future demand. Food security and nutrition [...]

Energy-smart agrifood systems for climate action: spotlight onenergy at FAO Science and Innovation Forum (SIF)

Rome– Climate change is accelerating theneed to transform our agrifood systems. With energy being consumed at every stage of agrifood systems, sustainable energy integration is crucial to achieve agrifood systems transformation to accelerate climate action.    On 19 October 2023, the2023 FAO Science and [...]

Visit the Energy discovery station at the World Food Forum!

Learn about the production and use of of modern bioenergy for clean cooking! As part of the World Food Forum (WFF), we set up an informative jump station for young people, so you can to learn more about the key role of clean [...]

The small-scale fisheries and energy nexus. Opportunities for renewable energy interventions

FAO Office of Climate Change, Biodiversity and Environment (OCB) and FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture (NFI) divisions are proud to present their latest report, "The Small-Scale Fisheries and Energy Nexus: Opportunities for Renewable Energy Interventions". This report sheds light on the [...]

Reducing food loss and waste through sustainable cold chains – new video

Lack of effective refrigeration directly results in the loss of 526 million tons of food production, or 12 per cent of the global total.  In a world where the number of hungry people is rising, yet tonnes of edible food is lost, [...]

Agriculture and food systems finally on the table at COP27

23/11/2022 FAO led events and hosted the Food and Agriculture Pavilion with CGIAR and the Rockefeller Foundation at the 2-week UN Climate Conference in Sharm-el Sheikh A shift towards sustainable, climate-resilient food production and consumption based on healthy diets would reduce health [...]

Amid food and climate crises, investing in sustainable food cold chains crucial

Sharm el-Sheikh – As food insecurity and global warming rise, governments, international development partners and industry should invest in sustainable food cold chains to decrease hunger, provide livelihoods to communities, and adapt to climate change, the UN said today. Launched today [...]

Renewable energy for agrifood systems: how cross-sector partnerships are driving action and investments

When we think of food, we don’t typically think about the energy it takes to produce it. But in fact production and agriculture consume about 30% of the world’s energy production – primarily fossil fuels. And of the total greenhouse [...]
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