The European Commission for the Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (EuFMD)

Stakeholder engagement workshop for Veterinarians, VPPs and CAHWs

28/06/2022 - 29/06/2022
Lagos, Nigeria,

In the framework of the Sustainable business in animal health provision through Training for Veterinary Paraprofessionals project, the veterinarians-veterinary paraprofessionals' pre-multistakeholder platform workshop will have the objective to:

  • Identify supervision and mentoring roles of Veterinary Paraprofessionals (VPPs) by veterinarians
  • Further inform stakeholders on the project objectives and discuss implementation plan.

Expected outcomes are:

  • Improved mutual understanding of the project objectives and benefits amongst VPPs and veterinarians in Nigeria.
  • Improved   working   relationship   between   VPPs, Community   Animal   Health   Workers   (CAHWs)and veterinarians in Nigeria.
  • Develop  a  paper  highlighting  key  challenges  faced  by  VPPs with  regards  to  business  sustainability  in  last mile animal health care delivery, and possible solutions involving both public and private sector actors.


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