The European Commission for the Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (EuFMD)

Short Term Placements

Short-term placements

The EuFMD Commission, an intergovernmental body based in the Food and Agriculture organization in Rome, has an opening for individuals to join the team in Rome under the Short Term Placement (STP) program. This program provides professional experience in an international organisation in risk management of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD), working in one or more of the EuFMD focus regions (European, Neighbourhood and Global). 

STPs are sought to support the work planned in the following regions:

  • Pillar I: European member states: focus on organizing and delivering training on FMD and acting as the main liaison with the training focal points of the 39 member nations;
  • Pillar II: assisting European neighbourhood countries to put in place improve FMD prevention and control strategies, using the PCP framework;
  • Pillar III: supporting the Global Strategy for FMD control, focussing on roll-out of online networks and training in support of regional actions in Africa, Mid-East and Asia. 

What we are looking for

The expected profile of the STP candidates is normally that of a veterinary graduate, with a high standard of spoken and written English, but other backgrounds and competences are also accepted if highly relevant to the programme.

Some or all of the following additional experience will be valued for this position: 

  • Recent experience at post-graduate level in disciplines relevant to FMD preparedness, prevention and response, such as the investigation and control of exotic/contagious animal diseases, epidemiology and economics, pathology/laboratory diagnosis, risk management and contingency planning for disease control;
  • Experience working within veterinary education and training, including e-learning;
  • Experience working in an official veterinary service and/or international environment.

The STP should demonstrate high level of communication skills and the ability to take initiative in managing complex projects. 

The Short Term Placement Position is normally taken as a secondment position, where the STP is working for the State Veterinary Service of a EuFMD Member State and will be expected to use this experience after return to their full time positions. 

Applications from candidates working outside their State Veterinary Service, but with relevant experience, will also be considered. 

Duration and remuneration

The duration of such STP attachments is normally six months (with a maximum of 11 months) and the EuFMD Commission will support living allowances in Rome to a ceiling of EUR 2 500 net per month (EUR 2 700 with family dependents). Candidates will be selected on merit, taking into consideration the experience and profile, and the duration (availability).

Background information

The EuFMD’s program of activities:

  1. Support FMD control in the European member states (such as training in FMD investigation, in emergency preparedness, and research related to policy issues);
  2. Aim at risk reduction in the European neighbourhood, including supporting a Roadmap for Progressive Control of FMD in West Eurasia to reduce risk to the European borders;
  3. Support the Global FMD Strategy, through assistance to monitor FMD circulation and risk, and promote the progressive control pathway (PCP) for FMD as a framework for national programmes. 


The EuFMD Commission will support and organize:

  1. Travel to and from Rome, at beginning and end of the placement, in line with normal FAO procedures;
  2. A living allowance for the officer of up to 2500€ net (2700€ if accompanied by family members) to cover accommodation, meals and incidentals;
  3. Costs of travel and allowances for any missions conducted during this period.

If offered a position, we expect the applicant to negotiate their release from their current duties and, prior to commencement, an agreement should be drawn up with the current employer regarding the release of the person to undertake the STP position. 

How to apply

Candidates will be selected on merit, taking into consideration their experience, profile, and duration of their availability. Interviews will be held by teleconference for shortlisted candidates.

Applications should be made to the EuFMD Secretariat ([email protected] ; subject line: STP 2023/24). 

Applications should include: 

  • A curriculum vitae and a cover letter indicating the relevance of the position for their current or future profile. Applications will only be considered if both of these documents are received.
  • Wherever possible, written evidence that if accepted the candidate will be released from their normal duties for the duration but would continue to receive their normal entitlements of salary and related entitlements. 

The deadline for applications for 2023 is: 28 February 2023

The deadline for applications for 2024 is: 28 November 2023

For any query: [email protected], subject line STP-Europe.