Let’s give the gift of a sustainable city

Rome (Italy), 08/12/2021 - 07/01/2022

Christmas tree in Rome

The holiday season is a time for hope. It’s a moment to think about our future and the city you want to live in. This year, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are wrapped as Christmas parcels at Rome’s Piazza Venezia, and in 14 neighbourhoods, calling on citizens to be part of the change.  

Your choices and actions matter. From Zero Hunger to Climate Action, Gender Equality and Sustainable Cities and Communities -  all of the SDGs are linked to actions each of us can take to build a better future for the planet, our city and its people.  Read more

Did you know that by 2050, over 68% of the global population will live in cities? We need to work together to build sustainable cities.

App on the mobile phone screen
Get involved!

Your choices and actions matter. Get involved by visiting the Piazza Venezia and scanning the QR codes on the parcels, or simply download the web App from any location. Discover how to start changing your lifestyle today.

What can kids do?

Young people are the adults of tomorrow, the change makers of the future, and you should want the best for the city you live in.  Watch this video and learn more about how you can help build a sustainable world by reading   FAO’s series of activity books.

Watch the making of Christmas in Rome

Watch Rome's 25-metre Christmas tree arrive in Piazza Venezia, and the transformation as technicians add the decorations and the installation of Sustainable Development Goals wrapped as Christmas gifts.

Green cities
Green cities

Cities are essential to our economy and well-being, but they consume most of the world’s energy and were not built with sustainability in mind. A sustainable city uses sound planning to satisfy people’s needs such as jobs, health, education, and a vibrant quality of life, while protecting the environment and reducing carbon emissions. FAO’s Green Cities initiative helps cities to build sustainable urban food systems, improve links with rural areas, share best practices, and help fight climate change in a number of ways from reducing waste to adding urban forests or green spaces.

G20 Green garden
Let Nature be your teacher

Situated in Rome’s famous Appia Antica Park, the G20 Green Garden invites you to reflect on the future of our planet. It celebrates biodiversity, nature and Rome’s ancient heritage while calling for global solidarity to create a sustainable future for all, on the occasion of the Italian presidency of the G20. Book an FAO guided tour or have a virtual experience by downloading the App.