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Article de revue spécialisée
Analysis of the Fruit Value Chain Coordination in Albania

Fruit production is one of the most important and fastest growing agricultural subsectors in Albania. Production of fresh fruit has grown by 38% since 2007 reaching 394 960 tonnes in 2013. The orchard sector is also considered an important and priority sector by the Albanian government.
2015 - Food and Agriculture Organization of United nations

Memoria del Comité Nacional de la República Dominicana

Esta publicación es una recopilación y sistematización de las distintas actividades realizadas por el Comité Nacional de la República Dominicana durante todo el Ano Internacional de Agricultura Familiar.
Dominican Republic
2015 - Comité de Agricultura Familiar República Dominicana

Setting up a Community based flock management programs

Integration is based on the principle of the interactions between two or more components of the production system. Interactive research based on interdisciplinary approach involving NARS and ICARDA’s scientists is important to develop integrated crop-livestock systems in the low rainfall areas. The site of Sidi-Bouzid is characterized by a large...

Article de revue spécialisée
Perception of change in living conditions and diet among rural Latino immigrants

Thirteen percent of the total population of the United States (US) is composed of immigrants. Mexicans accounted for about three-quarters of the increase in the Hispanic population from 2000 to 2010. The social and economic problems facing this population in their countries of origin are fueling migration to the US,...
Mexico - United States of America
2015 - Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Site web
Federación de Centros Agrícolas y Organizaciones Campesinas del Litoral (FECAOL)

La FECAOL nació en el año 2003, son pequeños agricultores organizados para luchar por los intereses de los agricultores, fomentando una agricultura alternativa, libre de productos tóxicos, sin la dependencia de tiendas de agroquímicos y buscando el buen vivir para las familias ecuatorianas.El litoral o costa ecuatoriana es una zona...
2015 - Federación de Centros Agrícolas y Organizaciones Campesinas del Litoral (FECAOL)

Revue spécialisée
Public policies for the strengthening of family farming in the Global South

Family farming is a contested socioeconomic category of analysis. It is at times defined as a list of its diverse components, including pastoralists, artisanal fisherfolk, indigenous peoples, rural women and youth, among other subcategories. It has been claimed by peasant movements, not only as part of an overarching strategy to...
2015 - United Nations Development Programme

Article de blog
322 familias agricultoras se benefician de la compra de fruta

Esta noticia informa que 322 familias agricultoras de las provincias de Cotopaxi y Bolívar se benefician con la compra de orito y naranja por un monto de 84.230 dólares. El Instituto de Provisión de Alimentos, Proalimentos, suscribió el contrato para la adquisición de 6.539 gavetas de orito y 240.408 unidades de...
2015 - Instituto de Provisión de Alimentos (PROALIMENTOS)

Site web
Naturland – mover and shaker: organic, visionary, fair trade

Naturland farmers and processors have been ground-breaking global pioneers for over 30 years. The world’s first ever conversion to organic agriculture of tea gardens in Sri Lanka and India in the 1980s was the prelude to our successful work on an international scale. Currently 38,000 farmers in 44 countries manage an area...
2015 - Naturland

Family Farming Development Programme (ProDAF) in Maradi, Tahoua and Zinder

The project will strengthen farm productivity in several ways. Cereal and horticultural crop yields will be substantially increased via the introduction of improved cropping techniques, high-quality seeds, animal-drawn ploughing and innovative irrigation techniques. Significant increases in crop yields will enable rural families to produce enough for household consumption and a...
2015 - International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Site web
Unidad de Planificación Rural Agropecuaria (UPRA)

La UPRA está encargada de la planificación territorial rural en Colombia. Su sitio web contiene información relacionada con: Ordenamiento y mercado de tierras Uso y adecuación de tierras Gestión territorial Dentro de sus contenidos incluye publicaciones, noticias y archivos multimedia.  
2015 - Unidad de Planificación Rural Agropecuaria (UPRA)

Concertation Nationale des Organisations Paysannes du Congo

Présentation de la "Concertation Nationale des Organisations Paysannes du Congo" (CNOP – Congo), aboutissement d’un processus de structuration des OP du Congo, et composée des cadres de Concertations des Organisations Paysannes et Producteurs Agricoles. Elle se veut un espace où les organisations paysannes, les paysans et producteurs en zone rurale,...
2015 - Plateforme Régionale des organisations Paysannes d’Afrique centrale (PROPAC)

Note/document d'orientation
The Policy Advantage

Enabling smallholders’ adaptation priorities to be realized
Policies affect every dimension of the institutional and legal context in which poor rural people pursue their livelihoods. They shape the world they live in and the economic opportunities open to them. This means that supportive policies can go a long way towards providing the conditions in which people can...
Cambodia - El Salvador - Gambia - Mozambique - Sudan
2015 - International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Article de blog
Ecuador comparte experiencia en compras públicas de alimentos en Brasil

El presente documento describe el momento en que el Instituto de Provisión de Alimentos, Proalimentos, participó en el ‘Primer diálogo regional sobre oportunidades y desafíos de colaboración entre la agricultura familiar y los sistemas públicos de abastecimiento y compras de alimentos en América Latina y el Caribe’, que se desarrolló...
2015 - Instituto de Provisión de Alimentos (PROALIMENTOS)

Document de travail
Mechanization outsourcing clusters and division of labor in Chinese agriculture

Most of the poor in the developing countries are smallholder farmers. Improving their productivity is essential for reducing poverty. Despite small landholdings, a high degree of land fragmentation, and rising labor costs, agricultural production in China has steadily increased. If one treats the farm household as the unit of analysis,...
2015 - International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Fiche d'information
Africa Solidarity Trust Fund - by Africans for Africans

A unique, Africa-led fund to improve agriculture and food security across the continent has become a reality. Officially launched in June 2013 with funding totaling over US $ 40 million from Equatorial Guinea, Angola and group of civil society organizations in the Republic of Congo.
2015 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Scoping study on climate-smart agriculture in Kenya

Smallholder integrated crop-livestock farming systems
A national level review and scoping study on climate change policies, programs, projects and activities on Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) in Kenya was conducted through a literature review and consultations with stakeholders. A national assessment based on the review of secondary data and results of existing studies was conducted to provide...
2015 - Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO)

Document de travail
Worker, peasant or entrepreneur? analysis of the entrepreneurial logics and practices of family farmers in agrarian reform cooperatives in the Saiss (Morocco)

The aim of this paper is to analyze the emerging entrepreneurial practices and the underlying logic of family farms in two agrarian reform cooperatives in Morocco. These practices can be explained by the constant negotiation of multiple and sometimes even antagonistic logics (peasant, entrepreneurial, proletarian, capitalistic) within these farms in...
2015 - 26th Euro-mediterranean Regional Conference and Workshops "Innovate to improve Irrigation performances"(ICID2015)

Partie d’un ouvrage
Africa in the global agricultural economy in 2030 and 2050

Africa has managed to maintain a favorable environment for growth and poverty reduction in the face of the series of global economic crises in the past couple decades. Part of this is due to Africa’s level of isolation from the global economy, but it is also testament to the resilience...
2015 - International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Article de blog
Au Sahel, un programme pour la transition écologique

Le changement climatique a pour conséquence directe la fragilisation des petites exploitations familiales, notamment sur le plan de l’irrigation. Pourtant, leurs pratiques traditionnelles sont considérées comme les mieux adaptées. Dans le Sahel, l’agriculture familiale s’avère d’autant plus importante qu’elle est centrée sur les cultures vivrières, dont dépend largement la sécurité...
2015 - Comité catholique contre la faim et pour le développement-Terre Solidaire (CCFD)

Article de revue spécialisée
The categorization of nine coffee agroecosystems from the Porce river basin, Colombia, from an agroecological perspective

The purpose of this paper is to characterize nine coffee agroecosystems from the Colombian Andes with an agroecological approach. Attributes and indicators evaluated are grouped under three dimensions: economic, social and technical-productive. Indicators are sensitive to agroecosystem conditions and can be easily understood by farmers. Low productivity of coffee plantations...
2015 - Universidad de Antioquía
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