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Albania -- Country Report

Albania is situated in South Eastern Europe in the West of the Balkan Peninsula. It covers an area of 28,748 square kilometres, with a maximum length from north to south of about 340 kilometres and a maximum width of about 154 km. It is bordered to the northwest by Montenegro,...
2006 - ARCOTRASS- Consortium

Pesca y Seguridad Alimentaria. El Abastecimento de Pescado Fresco en el Perú

Este documento amplía lo ya expuesto en el texto: “¿Cómo estamos en la pesca?”, tomando como referencia la evolución del abastecimiento de pescado fresco en el Perú-  Para ello se ha hecho un breve recuento de las pesquerías de anchoveta para harina de pescado . Se percibe la creciente importancia...
2006 - International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF)

Our Planet

The magazine of the United Nations Environment Programme. 

International Legal Instruments Relevant to Fisheries and Fishing Communities: A Handbook

This handbook provides detailed information for a wide range of legal instruments relevant to fisheries and fishworkers. It covers 114 legal instruments, categorized into the following seven themes: Human Rights, Food Security, Women and Development; Environment and Sustainable Development; Oceans and Fisheries Management; Environmental Pollution; Fishing Vessels and Safety at...
2006 - International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF)

Политический обзор/документ
Bridging the gap to new technologies for smallholder farmers in Africa

AATF Strategy (2007-2015)
The African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) facilitates the transfer of appropriate proprietary technology, held by private and public organizations in the North and South, for use by smallholder African farmers. AATF serves as an honest broker in negotiating the royalty-free transfer of technologies held by public and private organizations in...
2006 - African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF)

Tecnologías apropiadas no tradicionales

Este informe cierra la etapa final de la tarea de sistematización de las tecnologías apropiadas no tradicionales promovidas por el Proyecto: «Conservación In Situ de Cultivos Nativos y sus Parientes Silvestres en el Perú» (Proyecto In Situ) en 12 regiones del país. Este informe estará referido a las tecnologías apropiadas adoptadas...
2006 - Proyecto Conservación In Situ de Cultivos Nativos y sus Parientes Silvestres

El mercado local como relacionamiento de actores sociales

Una propuesta desde la agroecología
Las Copartes de Intermon-Oxfam son organizaciones de agricultores familiares y organismos técnicos que se propusieron desarrollar un proceso de capacitación, mediante el intercambio de saberes y experiencias, orientado a la formulación de una propuesta de mercado frente a la realidad actual de la Agricultura Familiar Campesina (AFC), caracterizada por los efectos del modelo económico agroexportador....
2006 - Centro de Capacitación de Desarrollo Agrícola (CCDA)

Regulations, standards & certification for agricultural export

A practical manual for producers and exporters from west africa
Many producers may feel that the market for certified agricultural products is very complex and that the opportunities and requirements associated with the certification programmes are not always clear. In addition, producers do not always know if the requirements are compulsory (created as an official law or regulation in the...

Regulations, standards and certification for agricultural exports

A practical manual for producers and exporters in East Africa
The objective of this manual is to provide producers and exporters in East Africa with: • information related to regulations of main import countries • information on major certification programmes • contacts where more information on import regulations and certification schemes can be found. In East Africa, intensive farming with the use of agrochemicals...

Situación de las mujeres rurales

La situación de las mujeres rurales en el país ha sido una preocupación constante de algunos grupos de activistas e investigadores desde hace varias décadas. Sin embargo, pese a la cantidad de estudios de caso, investigaciones e intervenciones de ONG, ha sido muy poco lo que se ha avanzado para...
2006 - Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (FAO)

Acondicionamiento de la chacra productiva sustentable en las cuencas de Cajamarquino y del Jequetepeque

 Desde hace más de 25 años, la Asociación para el Desarrollo Rural de Cajamarca (Aspaderuc), viene trabajando en hacer una propuesta para generar un sistema de gestión productiva del agua, del clima y del suelo, aplicando la estrategia de cosecha de agua y del sistema silvoagropecuario, que consiste en cubrir...
2006 - Centro Internacional de la Papa (CIP)

Enterpreneurship skills for farming communities

The organizational assessment of NDAN member organizations and their members’ agro-technology practices as well as their food security status revealed a great area of need. For instance, with only 5 in every 10 households being poor means half of the population is at food insecurity risk. Aware that the core...
2006 - Afard - The Agency for Accelerated Regional Development

Basic recommended farming practices

A majority of the farmers in Nebbi district practice subsistence farming which heavily rely heavily on indigenous knowledge and technologies (IKT). What was found during the Nebbi Development Area Network member organizations assessment that household members are have less than 50% adoption rate of improved agronomic and livestock management practices...
2006 - Afard - The Agency for Accelerated Regional Development

Community capacity building for safe water and sanitation chain management

Majority of the people in Nebbi district are unhealthy. They suffer largely from otherwise preventable diseases which are caused by unsafe water and sanitation conditions. The health burden herein is enormous: lost productive days, medical cost, school absenteeism, and low esteem. Yet, this situation, taken as a norm emanate in...
2006 - Afard - The Agency for Accelerated Regional Development

Mecanismo de financiación para promover Agricultura de Conservación con pequeños productores de la cuenca de la laguna de Fúquene.

Su diseño, aplicación y beneficios.
En este documento se sistematiza el proceso de creación y aplicación de un fondo de crédito para fomentar el cultivo de abonos verdes, con el fin de promover y aumentar el área en la cuenca bajo prácticas de agricultura de conservación. Así mismo se describen los beneficios y lecciones aprendidas...

Climate variability and climate change in Southern Africa

Impacts and Adaptation in the Agricultural Sector
This paper proposes to discuss the current vulnerability of the southern African region to climate variability, the projected impacts of climate change and the various strategies and policies that are being deployed to address climate issues, focussing mainly on the agricultural sector. The potential role of research and technology in...
South Africa
2006 - United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP)

Технический документ
Farm power and mechanization for small farms in sub-Saharan Africa

This manual, provides an overview of options for farm power and technologies that could be suitable for small and medium-sized farmers who are faced with making decisions about the different types of farm power sources available. The manual also lays out the importance of the farming systems and the economic...
2006 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Proceso de producción, faena y comercialización de cerdos en agricultores familiares de Tres Arroyos

La voluntad política, la integración entre distintas instituciones y la organización de los agricultores familiares, han permitido generar un sistema de faena y comercialización apropiado a la realidad de la zona, teniendo en cuenta las particularidades de los productores y las posibilidades de faena del municipio. El involucramiento del área...
2006 - Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria Argentina (INTA)

Climate change and smallholder farmers in Malawi

Understanding poor people’s experiences in climate change adaptation
Southern Africa is one of the regions estimated to be most at risk from climate change. While policy responses to global warming have been mainly driven by debates among scientists, the insights of poor people living on the frontline have been largely neglected. This study seeks to understand what is...
2006 - ActionAid International

Agroecology and the Struggle for Food Sovereignty in the Americas

Across the Americas, small farmers are continuing a long tradition of sustainable agricultural practices with support from international organizations and university researchers. But these farmers face tremendous economic pressures from abroad. With cheaper food imports underselling locally produced goods and national economies stumbling under crushing foreign debt, markets for local...
2006 - International Institute for Environment and Development ((IIED)
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