Producción orgánica familiar en Colombia

Este video desarrolla un informe sobre cómo se desarrolla la agroecología familiar orgánica en diferentes partes de Colombia.
2011 - Comunidad Andina (CAN)

Producción orgánica familiar en Perú

Video que desarrolla un informe sobre cómo se desarrolla la agroecología familiar orgánica en diferentes partes del Perú
2011 - Comunidad Andina (CAN)

Leader valorises local food products: Pioneering Portuguese project proves the development potential of social media

Leader projects have a strong track record of supporting the valorisation of rural products and services. This is especially true for local food products because many LAGs are able to offer funding assistance to help farmers and processors grow their businesses through innovative projects that improve overall competitiveness. Sustaining viable agricultural...

A logit estimation of factors determining adoption of conservation farming by smallholder farmers in the semiarid areas of Zimbabwe

Despite heavy investment made by various organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa, to promote conservation farming, the adoption of this technology remained low. Therefore, this study was carried out to estimate the factors determining the adoption of conservation farming by smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe. The study was guided by theory of adoption....
2011 - University of Zimbabwe

Which public policies for family farming in developing countries?

This document is for all those who wish to support family farming, through national public policies in developing countries, and development aid and agricultural and trade policies in developed countries. It describes interventions that have helped remove some of the constraints to the development of family farming in specific contexts....
2011 - Coordination Sud

Innovación agroecológica, adaptión e mitigación del cambio climático

Este libro muestra cómo diferentes actores del sistema cubano de innovación formal e informal responden al desafío que presenta la crisis del sistema alimentario mundial. Desde una visión concertada, presenta los resultados del proyecto "Desarrollo de sistemas descentralizados y participativos de garantías ambientales en Cuba". El texto propone un acercamiento al...
2011 - Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Agrícolas (INCA)

High Nature Value Farming in South-Eastern Europe

Policy Opportunities and Challenges in the EU Accession
The concept of HNV farmland is a novelty for the South Eastern Europe (SEE) countries. But even in the absence of detailed studies it is clear that the generally very extensive character of agriculture in these countries suggests that there are large areas of HNV farmland in a variety of...
Croatia - Montenegro - Serbia - North Macedonia - Türkiye
2011 - European Forum on Nature Conservation and Pastoralism

Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) and Food Security

The concept of Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) has emerged as a challenge to the all-too-prevalent tradition of taking the Earth’s natural resources for granted. PES highlights a global continuum, illustrating the relationship between our lifestyles, the demands associated with our production and consumption patterns, and the effects those demands...
Costa Rica - Ecuador - India - Indonesia - Kenya - Nepal - Uganda - Ukraine - United Republic of Tanzania

Soutenir l’agriculture familiale au Mali par la formation des producteurs et l’information des consommateurs

S’appuyant sur l’expérience des producteurs en agroécologie et sur la capacité de mobilisation collective d’une organisation paysanne, le projet, implanté à Bamako et à Sanankoroba, vise à offrir une formation de qualité aux acteurs, de partenariats locaux et solidaires adaptés au contexte malien : les kiosques alimentaires locaux.
2011 - URGENCI (Urbain-Rural : Générer de Nouveaux Engagements Citoyens)

Nature & Faune: Economic and social significance of forests for Africa’s sustainable development

The year 2011 has been proclaimed the International Year of Forests (in brief “Forests 2011”) and it is being celebrated under the theme “Forests for People”. This is truly a remarkable theme. One cannot come close to covering all of it in a single edition of Nature & Faune as...
Cameroon - Gabon - Ghana - Lesotho - Nigeria - Rwanda - South Africa - Zambia
2011 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Газетная статья
Competitiveness of Small Fish Farms in Lower Silesia on the Example of Fish Farm “RUDA ŻMIGRODZKA”

This article explores the subject of the small fish farms’ competitiveness in Lower Silesia. The author argues that these farms could effectively compete with the leader of fish-industry in this region “Stawy Milickie S.A.” by using effectively the EU founds for further development and modernization as well as taking advantage of...

Reflexiones sobre el modelo familiar de agricultura pampeana

El presente artículo se enmarca dentro del proyecto de investigación socio–antropológico sobre transformaciones en la agricultura familiar. Dicho estudio se propone analizar el impacto del desarrollo tecnológico sobre el pequeño y mediano productor agrí- cola de tipo familiar en la región pampeana. En este artículo, se propone un repaso sobre...

Guía práctica para los productores de cebada de la Sierra Sur

El cultivo de trigo después del maíz y a pesar de la reducción de la superficie cultivada, es el cereal de más amplia distribución en la región interandina, en razón de su empleo diversificado. Con el propósito de que los productores dispongan de una guía de fácil aplicación en la producción...
2011 - Instituto Nacional Autónomo de Investigaciones Agropecuarias (INIAP)

Integrated Crop Management Vol.12-2010

Green manure/cover crops and crop rotation in Conservation Agriculture on small farms
The objective of this publication is to offer a reference material for extensionists, professors, agronomy students, technicians in general, and for farmers themselves. Through information that is up-to-date and richly illustrated, it strives to facilitate the adoption and diffusion of No-Tillage, the use of green manures, and the practice of...
2011 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Challenges for African Agriculture

What is the future for Sub-Saharan African farms? What role can they play in the development of the subcontinent? These are crucial issues which require answers. The issue of feeding the planet has once again become crucial. The first challenge for these farms is consequently to produce more and better...
2011 - World Bank

Looking Ahead in World Food and Agriculture

Perspectives to 2050
 this sector. In 2009, FAO’s Economic and Social Development Department organized an expert meeting and high-level expert forum around the question of “How to feed the world in 2050”. The scientific basis of this initiative was provided by world-class experts, who analysed key aspects of the matter, including population, poverty...

Газетная статья
Determinants of sugarcane profitability

The case of smallholder cane growers in Swaziland
The sugar industry is the backbone of Swaziland's economy, with annual revenue exceeding E1440 million (US$ 160 million). As part of the agricultural as well as the manufacturing sector, industry, it a accounts for 18% of the country’s GDP. Therefore, the economy of Swaziland is to a great extent based...

Regional value chain training workshop

The objective of the workshop was to improve the understanding of value chain frameworks, mechanisms and tools to be used in the development and implementation of projects within the regional network of CaFAN. Specifically, CaFAN aimed to build capacity among farmer leaders in upgrading and managing commodity value chains, which...
Antigua and Barbuda - Bahamas - Barbados - Belize - Dominica - Grenada - Guyana - Jamaica - Saint Kitts and Nevis - Saint Lucia - Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - Suriname - Trinidad and Tobago

Beekeeping in Africa: Installation of bee hives

This technology describes step by step how to install a top bar hive. It provides an overview of the advantages and use of different baits. Furthermore, it gives clear instructions on how to hang hives in trees and to install them on stands and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of...
2011 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Romania reforms agriculture for EU entry

After communism Romania launched capitalist reforms in its huge agricultural sector
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