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University POLITEHNICA Timisoara, Romania holds poster competition


The Faculty of Industrial Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, University POLITEHNICA Timisoara, Romania is joining the WHO and FAO campaign on World Food Safety Day by organizing the Youth and Food Safety Competition. Because the day is 7th of June, 7 themes on food chain components that greatly impact food safety are proposed to middle school, high school and college students for a poster presentation.

The aim is to raise awareness on food safety importance, to inform and to involve more and more people in disseminating the information on the actions and consumers behavior necessary to reduce the foodborne risks, to understand that although food safety is a shared responsibility between governments, producers and consumers, everyone has a role to play so that the theme “Food safety, everyone’s business” and what it stands for becomes common knowledge.

The Competition is promoted on Facebook and Instagram together with the pictures, banners available on the WFDS website and the words recommended with hashtags. 


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The links from the Faculty website and Facebook page are:


The final of the competition will be on 12th of June - update to follow.