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Organic agriculture

This online thematic collection contains the FAO Glossary on Organic Agriculture in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Chinese.

The concepts have been selected from FAO and international documents and publications on organic agriculture, as well as from the proceedings of meetings of experts on related issues, such as the International Conference on Organic Agriculture and Food Security held in May 2007.

FAO pays particular attention to enhance a common language and to standardize technical terminology for its meetings, documentation and publications. It also promotes standard best practices for terminology management and storage, facilitating growth, interoperability and exchange.

The Glossary contains 401 concepts with synonyms, variants, definitions, remarks and context fields as appropriate.

It should be noted that organic agriculture involves many disciplines and subdomains such as: certification, standards, accreditation, culture, food security, livestock, biodiversity, ecology, land use, processing, production, knowledge, tradition, agricultural inputs, etc. Selection of terms has therefore been restricted to those directly related to organic agriculture and to the most commonly used concepts in the domain.

This Glossary will serve to facilitate multilingual communication and documentation in FAO's long-term objective of enhancing food security and rural livelihoods and of promoting economic resilience and environmental integrity through capacity building in organic production, processing, certification and marketing in Member Nations.

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