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FAO Structure

This online thematic collection contains the FAO Structure and the FAO staff titles in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish (some records also contain Italian), the iRecruitment terms used in the Vacancy Announcements issued by FAO.

In addition to the current titles, the collection also contains many obsolete titles for both structure and staff titles have been retained for reference purposes. A separate collection was created as a result of the frequent changes in titles and structure requiring updating through a separate space in the Term Portal. The titles of the FAO Structure are those approved in the current Programme of Work and Budget.

Some generic titles are also included. The Organization symbols are the same for all languages, as they are not acronyms, but symbols created by the Office of Strategy, Planning and Resources Management, OSP.

The Headquarters and Decentralized Offices Organigrammes in pdf format have also been included on to this site in all languages.

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