Global Farmer Field School Platform

Farmer Field School and digitalization

03/12/2019 05/12/2019

30 years after the creation of FFS, the landscape of knowledge and information has changed dramatically. Challenges with infrastructure, digital literacy, gender-digital divide, cost of access and capacity development need to be addressed to promote sustainable use of ICTs in FFS. On this basis, the FFS team produced an initial report highlighting the trends in ICT and possible opportunities for FFS.

Objectives of the event

The workshop will bring together key practitioners and experts on adult education, farmer empowerment and digital platforms, to discuss the role of digitalisation for FFS programmes. The key objectives will be to:

  • Discuss opportunities and risks of digitalization for FFS and like-minded approaches;
  • Share experiences on the use of digital technologies and platforms to support learning, education and community empowerment;
  • Identify key lessons learned and recommendations for integration of digital technologies in FFS programmes.


For more information please contact: [email protected]