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A Farmer Field School brings together a group of farmers, livestock herders or fisherfolk, to learn on how to shift towards more sustainable production practices, by better understanding complex agro-ecosystems and by enhancing ecosystem services. A FFS group meets regularly during a production cycle, setting up experimentation and engaging in hands-on learning to improve skills and knowledge that will help adapt practices to their specific context. The FFS empowers individuals and groups to move towards more sustainable practices and improve livelihoods. [More here]

The library brings together existing publications related to the field schools approach, including articles, training materials, case studies, and impact evaluations from different regions.

Do you need guidance and tools to help farmer field schools bring the change expected? Learn to set up a robust monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) system.

Here you will find a selection of stories from the field, relating the experiences of FFS participants, facilitators, or FFS experts.

The Global FFS discussion group (Dgroup) is an e-mail group through which the global FFS community can interact by sharing information, knowledge and advice. Members discuss experiences and reflect on how to deal with specific challenges. With more than 1700 members from 130 countries, the d-group network is constantly growing. Webinars and facilitated discussions related to Field Schools or technical topics are organized through the Dgroup.