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منصة السلامة الغذائية العالمية

Recently added organizations and institutions

Center for Veterinary Medicine; United States Food and Drug Administration

Governmental institutions
7519 Standish Place, Rockville, Maryland, USA

Codex Alimentarius

Intergovernmental organization
Rome, Italy

FEEDLATINA Asociacion de las Industrias de Alimentación Animal de America Latina y Caribe

Producers/Private sector organization
Calle Andes 1365 Of 310 Montevideo Uruguay CP 11100

International Feed Industry Federation - IFIF

Professionals association
P.O. Box 1340, 51657, Wiehl, Germany

Swiss Centre for Applied Human Toxicology

Academic and research centre
SCAHT / University of Basel, Missionsstrasse 16, 4055 Basel, Switzerland

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