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An economically devastating cattle disease has made alarming advances into the Caucasus and nearby countries....
The livelihoods of many in Tajikistan depend on secure and equitable access to land, forestry,...
The efforts of FAO’s team in Kyrgyzstan were recognized this week by the Prime Minister...
Decades of archived soil research have now been transformed into an accurate, up-to-date, and fully...

Regional Initiatives

As economic reforms in the 1990s shifted land ownership into the hands of private smallholders, family farmers became the predominant source of agricultural production in the region. To address the absence of well-developed institutional support, FAO is implementing a Regional Initiative on Empowering Smallholders and Family Farms for Improved Rural Livelihoods and Poverty Reduction.

As countries seek to expand local trade, increase political and economic ties to the European Union or join the World Trade Organization, they must integrate their trade systems with new markets and comply with new standards. Regional and global integration is imperative as the region becomes an increasingly important supplier of agricultural goods to international markets. This initiative helps countries understand trade implications, implement trade policy and engage in trade agreements.

Stories from the field

Photo:  ©FAO / Sergey Kozmin

The national food security and nutrition programme just adopted by Kyrgyzstan is expected to serve as a road map to fulfilling people’s rights to food, healthy nutrition and development.

The programme, which springs from the country’s National Sustainable Development Strategy, was developed over the last two years by Kyrgyzstan with substantial support from FAO. Contributing to design of the programme was a broad consultative process involving civil society, the business community and academia.

Photo: ©FAO/Northfoto/Zoran Marinovic

Nuclear techniques keep insects at bay in Croatia’s Neretva Valley

Photo story

Photo:  ©FAO/Aroa Santiago Bautista

Farmers in Eastern Europe and Central Asia are constantly innovating, adapting their farming techniques to cope with unfavorable weather or environmental conditions. But their efforts are far from systematic, and there is little government support for what they do.