FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia

Civil society consultation 2024

İstanbul (Türkiye), 12/05/2024

Prior to the 34th session of the FAO Regional Conference for Europe (ERC34), representatives of the civil society – ranging from smallholders and consumers to fisherfolks and pastoralists – will gather on 12 May in Istanbul, Türkiye, for a civil society consultation. The consultation serves as vital platform for civil society actors to discuss pertinent regional topics linked to the agenda set by FAO, to evaluate the past FAO biennium, and to agree on the civil society’s inputs related to the items of the upcoming FAO Regional Conference. As the regional section of the International Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty, the Nyéléni Network is responsible for facilitating the civil society dialogue of FAO in Europe and Central Asia.

The consultation is an important means to channel civil society inputs into FAO planning processes.

Darya Alekseeva
Regional Partnership Development Officer
Budapest, Hungary