FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia

FAO promotes the exchange of scientific research and technical knowledge related to all aspects of food and agriculture.  This knowledge sharing promotes accessibility of scientific information and digital data in food and agriculture.  Additionally it supports FAO’s work for a world free of hunger, malnutrition and poverty, and also contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Regional Technical Platform on Green Agriculture

Knowledge Sharing 

Agrifood systems contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and are at the same time extremely vulnerable to climate change. Without urgent action, climate change will continue to put food production at risk, particularly in countries and regions that are already highly food insecure.

Recent IPCC report with high confidence confirms that observed climate change is already affecting food security through increasing temperatures, changing precipitation patterns, and greater frequency of some extreme events. It also underlines that food security will be increasingly affected by projected future climate change.

To respond to these intrinsically interconnected challenges, FAO is significantly increasing the scale and scope of its work, in line with the EU Green Deal and the Farm to Fork Strategy at the regional level.

The main objective and driving force for establishing a Regional Technical Platform on Green Agriculture in Europe and Central Asia is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge within the region and among other regions on the various areas of green agriculture, with the involvement of international, national and local development partners, building on good experiences and enhancing regional and interregional collaboration.