Sustainable Development Goals

Reduce inequality within and among countries

Globally, significant strides have been made towards lifting people out of hunger and poverty. However, inequalities still persist and large disparities remain and are increasing in access to income, food, land, health and education, especially in rural areas, where most of the poor live.

Poor and vulnerable people, especially rural women, continue to have limited access to land, natural resources, credit and services. Secure tenure rights for those who farm, keep livestock, fish, and manage forests are crucial for addressing inequalities.

Leaving no one behind is at the heart of FAO’s mandate to end hunger and poverty and achieve sustainable development. FAO works with countries and partners to reduce inequalities and remove structural constraints to making a living. This includes connecting vulnerable small-scale producers and family farmers to markets through rural infrastructure development and improved services, generating employment, improving access to finance, expanding social protection and ensuring access to natural resources for the poorest. 

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