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The Vatican Roundtable of African Farmers provided farmers from Sub-Saharan Africa with the opportunity to bring their unique perspectives and concrete experiences to the forefront of global discussions on agricultural development.


On 16-20 October, FAO headquarters in Rome will welcome world leaders, experts, changemakers and youth and indigenous activists to work for a sustainable future


Opinion article by Stefanos Fotiou, Director of the Office of Sustainable Development Goals in the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

The FAO Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Helpdesk is a gateway to FAO's knowledge, tools and expertise for assisting Members and other actors, implement the 2030 Agenda and achieve the 17 SDGs through the transformation of our global agrifood systems. Explore the platform to understand how FAO supports Member to Accelerate SDG progress through knowledge and information; how we empower our partners to Champion SDGs on the ground and Transform our agrifood systems through innovative action. 

FAO SDG Action: Marking the mid-way point of the 2030 Agenda

A visual representation of FAO’s contribution to the 2030 Agenda implementation through our actions on the ground.

Podcast: A spotlight on sustainable agrifood systems at the UN General Assembly and SDG Summit

FAO warns the world is drifting from development goals due to multiple shocks; and a look ahead to the next events that dig into specifics of sustainability in agrifood systems.

FAO and the Sustainable Development Goals

Achieving the 2030 Agenda through empowerment of local communities


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Tracking progress on food and agriculture SDG indicators 2023

The latest data indicate that most of the food- and agriculture-related SDG targets are still far from being achieved.