Regional Technical Platform for Family Farming

The Regional Technical Platform on Family Farming is part of a global FAO initiative to establish five Regional Technical Platforms on different themes to achieve more efficient, inclusive, resilient and sustainable agri-food systems. Together, they aim to promote better production, nutrition, environment and livelihoods, leaving no one behind. The Family Farming Initiative is supported by FAO's Latin America and the Caribbean Office.

Family farming plays a fundamental role in food production, biodiversity conservation and sustainable rural development. Technological developments, climate change, new demands for food with specific socio-environmental characteristics and demographic changes are just some of the factors that are transforming agri-food systems and to which family farmers must adapt. In order to take advantage of the opportunities that arise, family farming must continue to innovate and incorporate new knowledge, science and technology into its practices in order to strengthen and consolidate the important role it plays in agri-food systems.

This technical platform aims to provide governments, family farming organizations, the scientific and academic community and the private sector with a series of virtual events, including webinars, interactive workshops and panel discussions, facilitated by leading experts in the field. It also provides access to educational materials, case studies and practical tools that can be used directly in agricultural practice.

The actions aim to foster dialogue between different regions in a dynamic and collaborative digital space where participants can access resources and learn from the most innovative practices in family farming.

In the menu of the platform it is possible to find records and reports of the different activities carried out, training courses and other useful information related to successful initiatives developed for the sector.

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Communications coordinator of the IR2 regional initiative

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