Regional Technical Platform for Family Farming

Dialogue of experiences
Dialogues of Knowledge and Practices in Family Farming

Dialogues of Knowledge and Practices in Family Farming series aims to promote collaborative learning and knowledge transfer among governments, farmers and other stakeholders in the sector, and to make visible the contributions of family farming to an agenda for transforming agri-food systems.

Recognizing the diversity of contexts and experiences, the dialogues facilitate the identification of successful approaches and the adaptation of appropriate practices to local realities, thereby stimulating collaborative learning. Through these dialogues, it is hoped to foster collaboration between family farmers, government institutions, non-governmental organizations, researchers and other relevant actors to create synergies and support the large-scale implementation of good practices.

These dialogues will be linked to integration and cooperation agendas underway around the world, and will seek to link the various issues addressed with existing solutions and concrete experiences, considering the following thematic axes

1) Family farming in the face of climate change: adaptation and mitigation from rural territories.

2) Investing in family farming: the role of the sector in reducing inequalities in rural areas.

3) Family farming and the creation of sustainable markets.

The shared experiences will be linked to technological, social and institutional innovations, generating elements for dialogue and collective reflection on mechanisms to continue strengthening family farming.