Regional Technical Platform for Family Farming

Institutional strengthening and policy dialogue

Strengthening Family Farming involves advancing in the development and implementation of institutional frameworks that recognize and value family farming as a strategic sector. These frameworks should provide incentives and specific support for family farming, including access to land, water and genetic resources, as well as the protection of family farmers' land tenure rights.

In this process, dialogue plays a fundamental role by allowing the active participation of the actors involved and promoting informed and consensual decision-making. Through the exchange of ideas, open discussion, common points and viable solutions that meet the needs of all the groups involved can be identified. This promotes a sense of ownership and cooperation, which increases the chances of successful implementation of public policies and helps to identify strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement.

From a regulatory perspective, through laws and legal frameworks, to the implementation of differentiated policies for Family Farming, there is a wide range of tools and strategies that have been implemented by different countries that allow focusing actions and promoting the development of the sector and its contributions to the transformation of agri-food systems.

Within the framework of this Platform, it is expected to promote cooperation and dialogue that will support countries to orient concrete actions and tools for institutional and regulatory development towards strengthening family farming, strengthening their capacities to address the changing and emerging challenges it faces. The above will be closely articulated with existing spaces, such as the MERCOSUR Specialized Meeting on Family Farming (REAF/MERCOSUR), the Central American Integration System (SICA).