Regional Technical Platform for Family Farming

Technical Exchanges of Experiences

The "Cycles of Technical Exchanges for Family Farming" series was created as a way to support countries in the development and implementation of tools, programs and policies aimed at the family farming sector.

Based on the pillars of the Global Plan of Action of the United Nations Decade of Family Farming, the series aims to promote cooperation and exchange of experiences by identifying the difficulties encountered by different countries in implementing differentiated policies for family farming. The exchange cycles will facilitate a technical dialogue based on these common challenges for the implementation of public policies and their links with the family farming sector.

In each edition, the technical team in charge is responsible for adapting a methodological proposal that addresses the stages of policy implementation and provides relevant information to the stakeholders participating in the space, making it possible to discuss good practices and solutions found in different countries and contexts that help identify ways to overcome these challenges.

The exchange cycles are attended by technical experts and specialists on a wide range of topics relevant to the development of policies for family farming, including policies and programs to promote sustainable agricultural practices, access to innovative technologies, natural resource management, access to markets and rural development.  In addition, all sessions promote inclusive and equitable approaches, ensuring the participation of actors from different regions and socio-economic contexts, and valuing existing intersectionalities such as gender, ethnic/racial, youth and age.