FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia

FAO’s field programme in the Europe and Central Asia region focuses on assisting the countries as they move to market economies and revitalize their rural sectors. 

The field programme is active in 17 of the 53 FAO member countries in Europe and Central Asia. FAO is also operating in Kosovo under UN Security Council Resolution 1244.

More than 60 projects are in progress in any given year, with a total volume of delivery (project expenditure) between USD 6 and 8 million.

The field programme team – in the regional and the subregional offices and increasingly in country offices – is responsible for day-to-day operations throughout the project cycle. The team also contributes to field programme development in the region. 

Depending on each country’s needs and priorities, FAO field activities range from controlling animal or plant pests and diseases to renovating village grain storage to providing high-level policy advice.

Technical staff active in the field programme include agronomists, foresters, fisheries experts, engineers, nutritionists, economists, livestock experts, land use specialists, statisticians, sociologists and policy experts. Through the field programme, they are working with farmers, government officials and other partners in an open and participatory way.

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Goran Stavrik
Senior Field Programme

20 Kalman Imre utca
H-1054 Budapest

Tel: +36 1 4612 010