Глобальная платформа по безопасности кормов

Feed Network

The Global Feed Safety Platform gives access to an email based discussion forum - the Feed Network. Its objective is to foster dialogue and collaboration among all operators and professionals working in the feed sector (including private sector, civil society, academia, etc.).

The Feed Network is a communication channel to:

  • engage in thematic discussions and exchange knowledge, experience and information;
  • post questions on specific issues related to animal feeding and the feed sector and respond to questions as appropriate
  • liaise with other members of intergovernmental organizations, governmental authorities, academia, the private sector and civil society, as well as farmers, livestock keepers and feed producers.


Join the forum!

The forum uses Dgroups which is designed for email based discussions. To subscribe, visit the Feed Network or contact us [email protected]

By writing an email to [email protected] all members will receive your message via email. All messages can be viewed at any time on the community webpage: https://dgroups.org/fao/feed-net

Visit the forum's website and search for your profile to add or change personal information. You can modify your profile settings and change the email delivery preferences to receive a daily or weekly summary of all messages sent. If you need to set up a (new) password, click here.

Messages can be sent in any language, preferably in English, French or Spanish. Unfortunately, the group does not provide any translations.

This Network is moderated by the Secretariat of the Feed Safety Multi-Stakeholder Partnership, based at the Animal Production and Health Division of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). To avoid spam, messages are checked by the secretariat before being sent out to all members.

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