Глобальная платформа по безопасности кормов

Why do we need a Feed Safety Platform?

All stakeholders along the feed and food chain have a shared responsibility to produce and supply safe feed.  By doing so, they ensure animal health and welfare, and human health. The platform will help to bring closer and foster collaboration among all stakeholders responsible for feed safety. We want to connect members of intergovernmental organizations, governmental authorities, academia, the private sector and civil society, as well as farmers and producers.

The Feed Safety Platform:

  • Produces, collects and provides freely accessible technical and scientific knowledge on feed safety, under the form of papers, publication, national legislation, international standards and guidelines, in the resources section.
  • Facilitates knowledge sharing and stakeholder dialogue through its forum with periodical web-based discussions.
  • Fosters sharing and spreading of news and events of feed safety.
  • Gives access to three free databases of:
    1. Experts and professionals, to connect people and make feed safer;
    2. Organizations and Institutions working for feed safety; and
    3. Capacity development opportunities for training courses and material and funding.

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