Глобальная платформа по безопасности кормов

How does it work?

Everyone can contribute. All users of the website are encouraged to contribute by submitting content to share on the website. In the resource section, for example, users can submit feed safety related publications, scientific and technical papers, manuals and other relevant documents or multimedia content. Feed safety experts and professionals are encouraged to create their profiles in the database of expert and professionals. Information on organizations and institutions working on feed safety can be uploaded in the dedicated database.

You can create and submit website content. To submit news, events and resources or to add profiles to the databases, you first need to register. Registered users can login, an orange bar will appear on the top of the website.

The orange bar is your access point for submitting materials and information. A click on the specific section (events, news, resources, organizations/institutions or expert and professionals profiles) redirects you to a new window, where you have to fill out the required fields in the form to submit the content. Please be aware that submitted content will not immediately be available online. All submitted information goes through the clearance process of our website management team.

Criteria for content to be uploaded on the website. All submitted material has to be relevant to feed safety. The content must be factual, notable, verifiable with cited sources, neutrally presented and already available on the internet (thus not subject to copyrights).
You can upload documents in any given language. All contributions will be duly acknowledged. Contributors will be informed if the submitted material cannot be uploaded because it does not comply with the above criteria.

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