Fishing Safety

Commercial fisheries is a hazardous occupation. Every day hundreds of fishers are injured and more than 80 fishers die while involved in fishing operations. Fishers often work long hours under harsh weather conditions, which increases the likelihood they will experience accidents or injury. Climate change has aggravated the hazardous conditions under which most fishers work, as extreme weather events continue to increase in number and severity, and natural disasters become more prevalent and destructive.


Despite greater awareness and improved practices in some countries, the number of accidents and deaths among fishers has risen with the increase in commercial fishers worldwide, causing major impacts on families, fishing crews and communities.


This website aims to increase awareness about safety at sea in the fishery sector. The Fishing Safety website provides a gateway to information and capacity building materials related to safety for fishers and fishing vessels at sea.


Climate change is increasing risks at sea. Storms and cyclones occur with greater frequency and intensity. Fishers will need to adapt to the changing situation and invest in better and [...]